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For a Curbless Shower Entry, I have been using drains from QuickDrainUSA. Manufactured here in Colorado.I have been documenting installations for years.  The drains are easily installed at the threshold of the shower, but installing it at the back wall is a beautiful option. The single plane slope allows large format tile in the shower.

Their product line consists of:

Showerline  PVC drain body, Most widely used in residential applications. Drains can be connected for any width shower.

Proline  Stainless drain body, thinner in depth and used where cutting into floor joists is not an option.

Retro  A wider drain body that sits on the subfloor. No cutting, used on concrete and subfloors that can’t be modified.

Wall Drain  This drain is in the wall. The water goes under a 3/8″ gap of the wall tile.

They also manufacture a Tub to Shower kit for basements and multi level buildings with concrete floors. This kit requires a curb, but plumbs easily into the existing tub drain.