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My mission is to create a bathroom space that is functional, relaxing, and fits your lifestyle!

Antares Tile specializes in Curb-less shower entries, and Linear Drains. Whether you are building a new house and have designed your dream bathroom, or just tired of your old bathroom and want to remodel – I can help! Tub to shower conversions are the most popular remodel.

You should not have to step over anything to get into your shower. You should not have to get wet turning it on, And you should not have to mess around with temperature adjustments. These are things to consider. I am a firm believer in bigger is better when it comes to showers. People have stood in bathtubs, to shower, for way too long. The tile on the shower floor should be the same as the tile on the rest of the bathroom floor. Right?

I build curb-less shower pans on a single slope, Large format tile is not an issue in the shower. Depending on the floor joist type the linear drain can be at the rear wall or the entry, (threshold). Tub to shower conversions are as simple as removing the tub, installing the linear drain and slope, then tile. In an alcove situation the tub can be removed and the drain brought out to the wall to gain shower space.

I do the demolition, framing, plumbing, electrical, prep and tile. I will be the only person on the job until the glass company comes to measure for the glass.